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Chat Pack

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The perfect pastime for adults and kids alike. Chat Pack boxes contain 156 conveniently sized cards with questions and suggestions that are perfect conversation starters.

Each card features a question guaranteed to spark an instant conversation about one of your favorite things, just pull out a card and let the fun begin!
Sample Card
"Favorite article of clothing you've ever owned?"

Got a story to share about a funny wedding moment you witnessed, a neighbor who was a nuisance, or a vacation you took that far exceeded your expectations? Each card features a question that's guaranteed to get people talking about things they've done, places they've been, and people they've met.
Sample Card
"Got a story to share about running out of gas or getting a flat tire while driving? Tell your story!"

Covering the gamut of extremes, each card features a question guaranteed to get people of all ages talking and laughing.
Sample Card
"What movie have you watched the greatest number of times?"

The Little Box of Simple Joys
Each card features a fun suggestion or an inspiring thought that's guaranteed to get you to stress less and smile more. Pull out a card and discover a little piece of joy waiting for you!
Sample Card
"Don't miss the silver lining because you were expecting only gold."